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Product: Description: Price:
Kijiji Auto Poster Standard Without random / multiple email address add-on $ 5.99 / month
Kijiji Auto Poster Professional Includes random / multiple email address add-on $ 9.99 / month
Kijiji Add Ons: Description: Price:
Additional License Run more than one of copy of Kijiji Auto Poster (check it too see more licenses).
$ 5.99 / month
Auto Posting Scheduler Set the date and time for automatic ad posting. **RECOMMENDED**
$ 5.99 / month
Proxy & VPN IP Rotator Rotates through a Proxy list for unique posting. **RECOMMENDED**
$ 5.99 / month
Automatic Reposter Checks for posted ads, deletes them, and posts a new one.
$ 5.99 / month
Cache Cleaner Clean your web browser between ads for posting success. **POPULAR**
$ 5.99 / month
IP Renew For DSL / ADSL / VPN / Dialup users resets modem / router / connection for a new IP.
$ 5.99 / month
Image Changer Randomly changes picture size, resolution and name to avoid flagging. **NEW ADD ON**
$ 5.99 / month
Classified Sites Add Ons: Description: Price:
Craigslist.org Allows the same ads to be posted on Craigslist.org. **POPULAR!**
$ 5.99 / month

Total Price: $ 9.99 / month

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We offer 30 day money back guarantee on our products. The price remains the same every recurring billing.

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